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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie: 2V

After the great viralviral success of his first Movie: The Movie online trailer, Jimmy Kimmel has done what Hollywood does best. Made


True Facts About The Tarsier

Popular Internet personality Ze Frank's ridiculous True Facts series has turned out to be a huge viral success, garnering over 15


Cereal Killers Official Trailer

From the same geniuses who brought the web the faux Where's Waldo: The Movie trailer, comes this latest you-wish-this-were-real trailer.  After


The Dark Knight As A Romantic Comedy Trailer

The Dark Knight, as the name suggests, is a very dark and desperate take on the original somewhat goofy Batman. 


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard 2012 Mayan End Of The World Speech

As the end of 2012 nears, more and more jokes, gags, and parodies are popping up online concerning the Mayan-calender-end-of-the-world


Mario Warfare Trailer

Everyone knows the Super Mario Bros. story, but what if it was retold as a modern war movie? It might


OmniCorp From RoboCop 2013 Product Line Commercial

As a clever way to market the new RoboCop reboot in 2013, fantasy company OmniCorp published this advert offering their futuristic


Volcano Eruption In Virginia Mock Weather Report

With the American media getting all excited about the recent heat wave across the Midwest and East Coast, one weatherman in


Breaking Story So New, Reporter Has No Information Yet

With today's 24 hour cable news cycle, the news has evolved into a monster unrecognizable to the respected establishment it


Dora The Explorer Action Movie Trailer

College Humor hit a home run with their brand new faux Dora The Explorer movie trailer. Starring Ariel Winter, most famous for her


Tetris The Movie Trailer

It seems for the past 15 years Hollywood has run completely dry on new movie ideas. As a result, they


End Cat Boredom PSA

Friskies cat food picked the perfect spokesperson for their mock End Cat Boredom PSA; the one and only Chris Parnell, most