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Ice Fisher Catches Monstrous Lake Trout

This video by the fishermen of Jig Heads is almost a year old, but has gone viral again now with over 700,000


Giant Fish Eats Hooked Shark Right Off Fishing Line

Fisherman Gimbb14 was very proud of himself. He just caught a four foot black tip shark while fishing off the coast of Bonita


Cat Fishes For Other Cat

This short clip by MrYabawy has instantly gone viral over the weekend with over 350,000 hits! The video shockingly depicts a cat


Hand Feeding A Fox While Ice Fishing

Russian Youtuber Александр Туренков had a magical Disney moment while ice fishing in Saratov, Russia.  A friendly fox approached him and his


Fishing Stereotypes

The trickshot masters of Dude Perfect continues their stereotypes series. After taking on basketball, golf, and fantasy football stereotypes, the crew of


College Bro Catches Fish Using His Hair As Line

While enjoying the last bit of summer as school swings into full gear, Cabot Phillips and his Liberty University friends performed the unthinkable.


Massachusetts Fishermen Catch 920-pound Tuna

When he booked a fishing trip with captain from the reality TV show Wicked Tuna, Gregg Looney never thought that he would


Killer Whale Steals Caught Fish Off Line At Last Moment

Creatures much larger than anticipated interrupting people's fishing exhibitions almost always results in an explosive viral video. A great example


Bald-headed Eagle Steals Fish Off Fishing Line

Norman Dreger was taking a nice day on the lake when he caught a beautiful Dolly Varden Char. He quickly grabbed his


‘Chompy The Shark’ Tries To Steal Kayak Fisher’s Catch

NSFW Warning - Language Surprises while fishing are almost guaranteed to go viral if caught on camera. Last summer, Sarah


Russian Fisherman Saves Dog Stranded On Ice At Sea

This Russian video from the winter of 2010 has only gone viralviral now, amassing over 185,000 views in just the


600 Pound Marlin Jumps Into Fishing Boat

This video by Jeff Hudson went viralviral over the weekend, and has already amassed over 1.6 million views. While fishing off Cairns, Australia,