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1500 People Water Balloon Fight In Slow Motion

To close YouTube Geek Week with a proper 'splash,' British YouTubers The Slowmo Guys teamed up with special effects master Freddie Wong.


Using The Skyhook On A Date Comedy Sketch

Every superhero has a super secret lair where his veritable sidekick helps him invent state-of-the-art crime fighting weapons. Inspired by


The Ultimate Nutshot From Superman

 The web is peppered with "nut-shot" videos. Ever since World's Funniest Home Videos, viewers have been laughing at the terrible


Guitar Warfare

Tom Ska recruited YouTube famous Freddie W, and his buddies Rob Scallon and Jenny Bingham to star in Guitar Warfare. While going for a stroll Tom


The Last Cat On Earth Music Video

Special effects master Freddie W has delivered a double dose of Internet awesome in his latest video, mixing outrageous action with cute


YouTubers Help Jesse Heiman Become A Viral Video Star In ‘Social Star Awards’ Commercial

Jesse Heiman is best known in Hollywood as the world's greatest extra. He's extra-ed in countless feature films, all while


The Last And Final Harlem Shake

In just two weeks, the Harlem Shake has literally taken YouTube by storm. By like all memes, the moment it


Lindsey Stirling Smashes Pots As Link From Legend Of Zelda

Popular YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling stars in special effects master Freddie Wong's latest video. Lindsey acts as a perfect Link


Ultimate R/C Car Chase

There have been plenty of super car race videos before, but this one is special. It's downsized. Very downsized. Remote


Cardboard Need For Speed

Popular YouTuber Freddie W teamed up with MTV's Rob & Big and RocketJump to have a little fun at the Fantasy Factory. In a miniature urban cardboard


Old School vs. New School

It's a debate that will probably continue for decades to come. Which is better? Old school gaming, or the new


First Person View World War II Short Film

There's no question World War II and D-Day are some of the most popular events in recent history. Now, YouTube