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How To Announce A Pregnancy Bun In The Oven Prank

Telling mom and dad that a grand-baby is on the way is always popular online. To let his mom in


Elders React To Epic Meal Time

It's nearly impossible to find someone online who isn't familiar with the extreme food antics of YouTube's ultra popular Epic


Grandma Drummer

The Coalition Drum Shop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin said that they didn't know where she came from, what her name was, or


Mom Drives 900 HP Mitsubishi 3DX Evo

1320 Video just posted this new video, and already it has gone viral. The Mitsubishi 3DX Evo is one of the most


Ultimate Russians Helping People Caught On Dash Cam Compilation

The Western Internet is pretty far removed the Russian web, but every now and then a major viral video originating


Grandmother Tries Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Helmet

Paul Rivot's grandma has become a viral video star after footage of her reacting to wearing a virtual reality helmet


Mother-In-Law Freaks Out When Told The News That Her Daughter Is Pregnant

This emotional video was first published by Michael Krauter almost a month ago, but it has only gone viral over the weekend,


Elders React To Challenges

For a long time now, 'challenge videos' have been an on going trend online. From cinnamon challenges, to chugging milk, viewers just


Mom And Dad Scream When They Discover They Are Grandparents To Be

"We're pregnant" reaction videos are nearly always adorable and touching. This reaction video by Ryan Dean is especially emotional, and has been


Mom Adorably Freaks Out When She Discovers She Is An Expecting Grandma

Surprising the family with the 'we're expecting' news is half the fun of having a baby. When bigfatjocey discovered they were pregnant, they


Russian Grandmother Kills Attacking Wolf With Axe

This ITN News report from Monday has gone viral, amassing over 75,000 views so far. The narrator explains that Russian grandmother and


Grandparents Awesome Wedding Toast For Happy Marriage

Kenny and Selma couldn't make it to the wedding, so they left a special video to be played later. They