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Grandmas Shotgun Beer At Michigan Game

Football is about important thing, like courage, strength, and honor. Oh, and also shotgunning beer. But what's better than just


Missouri Western State Football Players Save Baby Locked In Car From Inevitable Death

Missouri Western State University is home to the Griffon football team, and some outstanding players. But two Griffon safeties are


Grandma Reacts To Viral Videos

Many of us have grandparents who know nothing about the Internet. To us, it's shocking that someone doesn't know what


Grandma Threatens To Call The Internet Police On Those Who Hacked Grandson’s Account

Remember a year ago when Jessi Slater's dad said he was calling the cyber police? Well there's a new Internet


Grandma Dances Along With Pop Dancers

A group of pop dancers were giving a show in Croatia when granny stole the spot light. She stepped onto the


Grandma Dances To Michael Jackson On China’s Got Talent

Michael Jackson has truly left his impression on the world. It' a difficult task to find a country where Michael's


Iowa Grandma Pro Gay Marriage Speech

This 80 year old grandmother has lived in Iowa her whole life and speaks out in favor of the LGBT community.


Baby Eats Grandma’s Face

When this little baby gets hungry, he wants food now! He'll even try to chomp on grandma's face. Nom nom


Scottish Grandma Swearing Compilation

Granny sounds awesome with her thick Scottish accent. Get outta my face for freaks sake!  


Grandma Photo Booth

You know that annoying spinning screen effect teenage girls love to use. Well grandma just discovered how to use it


Grandma BMW Drifting – RentMama Commercial

An old lady steals some dudes BMW 3 and proceeds to do amazing doughnuts and drifting action. At first the


Grandma Breakdancing NYC Block Party

Grandma even has a fanny pack. She's got better moves then me. Grandma says her name is Traci as she