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Life Hack To Pack Light For One Night

Staying over at a friend's is always fun, but travelling with a bunch of stuff is a pain. Thankfully, life


Easiest, Fastest Way To Cut A Watermelon Is Genius

The summer is a perfect time to enjoy some cold, juicy, sweet watermelon. But cutting up a watermelon isn't so


Guy Puts On Pants Without Using Any Hands

Talk about a useless skill. Chinese YouTuber Now 夠了沒 is basically the Superman of pants. Watch as he puts his pants


Amazing Trick To Skin Bowl Of Potatoes In Moments With Power Drill

Remember the viral video of a cook peeling an apple in just seconds by using a power drill? That video


Seven Simple Photography Hacks

These days every schlub with a smartphone and an Instragram account is a photographer. But there's more to being a


Quick Way To Take Off Your T-Shirt

Apparently, you've been taking your shirt off all wrong. That's the claim of the Crazy Russian Hacker. The popular nerdy YouTuber


Jerk Explains How To Sneak Into Any Sports Game

Let's face it. Going to the baseball stadium is way too expensive these days. After paying for tickets, a hot


Russian Firefighters Create Hovercraft Using Water Hoses

This outrageous video from 2013 has only gone viral now. Impressively, a crew of Russian firefighters created a hovercraft of


Peeling Apples With Power Drill Is Genius

Have you ever made a dish that required a lot of apples? Peeling all those apples can be a terrible


Real Life Flappy Bird In A Box Is Better Than The Original Video Game

Digital video games which were once only for nerds and geeks have gone mainstream. We all love video games, but


How To Secretly Play On Your Smartphone In Class

Gone are the days of doodling and secretly reading comic books in class. Today, students have smartphones to distract themselves


How To Build A Remote Control Shoe

For his latest DIY project, the Household Hacker illustrates how to build a remote control shoe. After modifying an old shoe