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Little Kid Is Super Happy After Being Given Jordin Tootoo’s Hockey Stick

This might be the luckiest little hockey fan ever. During a pregame warm-up, Canadian professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo noticed a small


Young Fan Joins San Jose Sharks Hockey Team For A Day

Sam Tageson was born with a rare, life-threatening heart condition that doctors are sure will shorten his life. But thanks to


Canadian Sports Anchors Freak Out After Canada Beats USA In Hockey

America and Canada maybe close friends, but all the love steps to the side in the sports arena.  After a


Everyone Laughs After Guy Pulls Out Sign On Kiss Cam

The kiss cam is a viral video gold mine. But no one has ever performed a hilarious stunt like this


Instant Hockey Karma

The Internet loves a good, quick karma story, so it's no surprise this video, Instant Hockey Karma, by Capitals Hill has gone viral!


Hockey Fan Video Bomb Fail

This Detroit Red Wings fan's video bomb was such a fail, the Fox 2 news reporter on the street didn't


Goalie Scores Goal On Himself With Puck In Pants

This rare NHL hockey play has gone viral with over half a million views!  Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith was trying


Hockey Referee Helmet Cam

During the Charlotte Checkers vs Rockford Icehogs hockey game on Dec. 7, referee David Banfield wore a GoPro helmet camera to give


Little Hockey Fan Is All Smiles After Charlie Coyle Waves To Him

It's a big deal when you sports idol waves to you, especially when your a little kid. Charlie Coyle of


Hockey Goalie Bicycle Kick Save

Bicycle kicks are usually a rare spectacle seen only on the soccer field or martial arts ring, but fans of


Phoenix Coyotes Goaltender Scores Full Rink Goal

It's rare for a goaltender to score a goal, let alone to score one across the entire rink. But Phoenix Coyotes


Goalie Jonathan Quick Accidentally Knocks Puck Into His Own Goal

Few things are more embarrassing for a hockey goalie than a video such as this that was just published by