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Patrick Kane Stickhandling

Chicago BlackHawks player Patrick Kane is famous for his impressive stick-handling abilities. Bauer Hockey was so impressed by Patrick's skills that they asked


Blackhawks’ Fans React To Winning Stanley Cup In Chicago Bar

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Monday night over the Boston Bruins. Besides for the exciting rivalry, what made


High-Speed Intelligent Air-Hockey Playing Robot

This video, published by NamikiLaboratory in mid-March, has only gone viral now! The video showcases the lab's brand new High-Speed Intelligent Air-Hockey


Entire Boston Stadium Sings National Anthem At Bruins-Sabres

The entire country is still in a state of shock and mourning after the terror bombing attack at the Boston


Stoned Cat Watches Hockey On The Couch

Viewers just can't get enough of animals in anthropomorphic situations. A favorite is when a pet 'sits' on the couch


25,000 Teddy Bear Toss At Junior Hockey Game

Throwing anything onto an NHL ice rink during a game can be cause for penalty. Thankfully, junior hockey doesn't take itself too


Measha Brueggergosman Sings American And Canadian National Anthems At Hockey Game

Canadian professional opera singer Measha Brueggergosman was invited to sing both the American and Canadian national anthems on Saturday's Penguins-Senators game.


Woman Proposes To Her Girlfriend At A Hockey Game

The tides of change are real and evident. Only two decades ago, it would be unthinkable for two girls to


Budweiser Canada Surprises Recreational Hockey Game Super Bowl Commercial 2012

Beer commercials are a staple for any sporting, especially the Super Bowl. But since Canadians also loves hockey, it was


Skaters Escape Just As Ice Skating Rink Roof Collapses In Slovakia

A group of youth hockey players narrowly escaped harm at an ice skating rink when the roof began to collapse. Luckily, the


Black Hawks Fan Admits His Love To Sports Reporter Sarah Kustok

CSN reporter Sarah Kustok is a true fan favorite. While on the ice for a Shoot The Puck fan segment


Adding Piano Sound Effects Whenever Sports Commentator Don Cherry Taps On His Desk

Don Cherry is a famous Canadian hockey commentator, and like most great speakers, he uses his hands a lot to