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Woman Wins New Truck In ‘Hole In One’ Hockey Contest

59 year old Brenda Hewett isn't much of a hockey player, but that didn't stop her from having the best


Playing Hockey On A Frozen Lake

Hockey in Canada is to football in America. It's just part of the culture. With all that cold weather and


Thousands Of Teddy Bears Thrown Onto Hockey Rink For Charity

It has become a tradition for fans of the Canadian hockey team Calgary Hitmen to partake in an annual teddy


Terrible Boston Bruins We R Who We R Spoof

It's hard to make Kesha's nightmare of a song, We R Who We R, any worse than it already is.


Kid Records Bruins Fans Asking Out The Girl He Likes To Prom

First there was Jason who went viral asking out a girl in class by playing a song. Now Oliver asks


Lip Sync Dancing To Friday At Hockey Game

Two Ottawa Senators fans throw away their pride and get down to dancing. They lip sync and dance to Rebecca


Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey

Some maniacs thought it would be fun to play ice hockey, on the wrong side of the ice! That means

Joey Junior Reporter

Little Boy Interviews Blackhawks Hockey Players

[caption id="attachment_14095" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Joey Junior Reporter"][/caption] Five year old Joey The Junior Reporter gets a chance to question players


Fan Makes Full Rink Hockey Goal For $50,000 Charity

At an Indiana Ice game, Richard Marsh was given the chance to win $50,000 for charity if he made  a


Pittsburgh Penguins Black And Yellow Wiz Khalifa Parody Rap

Worldwidehockeygods spoof Wiz Khalifa's hit rap single Black and Yellow with a Pittsburgh Penguins theme. Here's the original Wiz Khalifa Black and


Hockey Ref Crashes Into Goal Post

After a penalty is called a ref hurries over to the scene. Not only is it embarrassing to rush to


Little Girl Elizabeth Hughes Singing National Anthem, Microphone Dies, Crowd Finishes The Song

Nothing can be worse for a singer than the microphone dying on them. Elizabeth Hugh was singing the national anthem on