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Bullet Times Fireworks With GoPro

Happy Independence Day! To celebrate properly, Jeremiah made his own bullet time-style video using GoPro cameras inspired by The Matrix. Of course,


50 Great Facts About The 50 Great States

In honor of Independence Day, John Green of Menta lFloss Video traverses through 50 great facts about the United States. He covers


Honest Trailer Of ‘Independence Day’

There's no question that the 1996 action film Independence Day, starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, is still one of the


Overly Attached Girlfriend Responds To NSA Surveillance With ‘Overly Attached Uncle Sam’ Performance

By now, even the most apathetic have heard the news that government is--and has been for a while now--spying on


San Diego July 4th Fireworks 2012 Up Close In HD

San Diego was the winner of this year's very unofficial July 4th fireworks competition when the entire show went off


500 Piccolo Petes Fireworks Lit At Once

There were countless fireworks bans across the country this past Fourth of July due to a serious drought affecting much


Mayor Bloomberg’s Pun Packed Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Speech

Nathan's hot dogs goes together with New York City like PB & J. And for decades, Nathan's has held a


San Diego Bay July 4th Fireworks Malfunction

Every year on July, 5th, a tidal wave of fireworks themed videos is unleashed. This year, the most popular event


Independence Day Heavy Metal Rock Medley

NSFW Warning- lyrics  In honor of the Fourth of July, the Internet's favorite metal adaptation artist 331Erock made a special heavy metal


Kristen Stewart Explains July 4th

Actress Laura McDonald returns to Barely Political to star in their latest Kristen Stewart spoof video. This time, Laura McDonald does her best to explain the


Google Independence Day Support Free And Open Internet

The Internet has truly changed the world we live in. Soon, historians will separate time based on BG and AG (Before Google,


Epic Meal Time 1700’s Independence Day Special

NSFW - language In honor of July 4th, Epic Meal Time made a special Independence Day tribute. In full 1776