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Xbox One Unveil Video

It's taken almost nine years, but the new XBox has just been unveiled, not as the 1080 as many fans speculated,


Leap Computer Interface System Sets To Replace The Mouse

The mouse has been around for decades since computers became more mainstream in the 70's. Since then, there have been


Augmented Reality Sandbox

The UC Davis W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences equipped a sandbox with a 3D Kinect camera and


Robot Grocery Cart Outfitted With Microsoft Kinect Camera System

Microsoft's Kinect camera system may have revolutionized the video game world, but that's just the beginning. Scientist and inventors have


Virtual Reality Remote Controlled Robot Avatar Brushes Cat

After much sweat and toil, Taylorveltrop has finally unveiled his complete project. Using a Microsoft Kinect, a Nintendo Wii, a treadmill, and


Little Boy Playing Dance Central On Hard

The video was caught at the Microsoft store in Bellevue Square. A little Asian boy rocks out hard to Rihanna's Disturbia


Nerds Make Real Working Gmail Motion

For fun, Google made an April Fools video about their new (fake) application called Gmail Motion. Basically, using motion sensing


97 Year Old Grandmother Dancing With Just Dance 2

The new motion controlled games are great for the elderly to get up and move around. This old lady is


Tesla Lightning Controlled By Kinect

Just call this contraption the evil genius simulator.  A computer tracks your movements using a Microsoft Kinect and feeds the


Dad Hits Daughter Playing Kinect

Come on guys. Please clear your kids out of the way. There are way to many videos online of parents


Playing Classic Nintendo Mario Games With Kinect On PC

After some hacking, this super nerd is able to play the classic Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3 with


Light Saber Kinect Hack

Using tracking and rendering, the Kinect connected to a PC, can make a stick a a light saber complete with