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Wait?! Am I At The Right Convention?

I just want to know about them new games man, don't distract me.


First Sniff Is The Puppy Dog Parody Of First Kiss

Even though it's a marketing ploy, First Kiss has become an instant viral video phenomenon, garnering over 42 million views.


Strangers Really Kiss In Belgium

It's sad, but it's no surprise these day. The ultra viral video of 20 strangers kissing was a fraud, a


Twenty Strangers Kiss For The First Time

For a unique art piece, Tatia PIlieva asked 20 strangers to kiss on camera after just meeting. What starts off as


Surprisingly, ‘Kiss Me I’m Desperate’ Sign Actually Works

If you want to attract the ladies, you can't act desperate. Or so conventional wisdom would have you think.  But Blake


Instantly Changing T-Shirt Color To Pink For A Kiss Magic Trick

Stuart Edge and  teamed up to pull off a new trick from Penguin Magic. After affirming with girls on campus that a


Why Do We Kiss?

Somethings in life seem so natural we rarely ever stop and think about why we are so obsessed with them.


The Notebook Kiss In The Rain Prank

Pranks to attract the attention of a pretty girl has been on the rise online. The viral community has already


Will Smith Embarrasses His Son Jaden On Ellen

What kid wouldn't be embarrassed if their dad tried to give them a sloppy kiss on national television? That's exactly


Why Do Humans Kiss?

There's no question that once a person hits puberty, kissing becomes an obsession. But if you think about the actual act,


Spider-Man Kissing Prank

Online prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with Bangakang for a Valentine's Day-themed video. With the permission of Utah State University, Stuart asked girls walking


Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

Last year, Will Ferrell made news online after appearing in a short Old Milwaukee commercial that only aired in very specific