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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



How Small Are We In The Scale Of The Universe?

Interesting talk by Alex Hofeldt for TED-Ed, animated by Bliink and already at around 300,000 views. "In 1995, scientists pointed


The Map Of Mathematics

If you want to up your nerd-level, just watch this video by Dominic Walliman about the different fields of math.


50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! #59

Another round of "did you know...?"-stuff by Matthew Santoro that already got over a million views. Wow.


Why Do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?

Vox eplains the trick behind the good old glove wearing cartoon characters. Over 2.6 million people have already seen this


38 Facts About NASA

Some not that useful but interesting knowledge presented by Mental Floss about NASA. "This week, Mike shares some facts about


Can You Solve The Counterfeit Coin Riddle?

How about a cool riddle to start the week right? :) Ted-Ed uploaded this video at the beginning of the


How An Igloo Keeps You Warm

This time of year the northern part of the world is freezing and doesn't want to go outside. Instead we


The Little-Known Patterns On British Streets

Maybe you have noticed ripped stones on the sidewalks of your town or other ones you have visited? These are


Why Does Stepping On Legos Hurt So Much?

I wonder why Jack Bauer or other interogators haven't used LEGO walks before to get intel out of people. Everyone


The Animated History Of Russia

Suibhne uploaded another issue of their "The Animated History Of..." series. This time: Russia. And over 100,000 views within it's


Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Like Orange Juice Taste So Awful?

Simon from Today I Found Out lets you find something out about taste today. Probably everyone hates it to drink


Why Cities Are Where They Are

Another informative video by Wendover Productions is trending right now with already over 200,000 views on it's first day being