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The Miami Heat Does The Harlem Shake

The meme is dead, but when you're LeBron James with the rest of the Miami Heat, you can do nearly


Pull Up Your Pants Prank

Daring Russian prankster Vitalyzd traveled to Miami for his latest prank. Just by wearing sunglasses with a white shirt and tie, holding a


Girl Flips Off Judge, Gets Month In County Jail

When in front a judge, for no matter the reason, always conduct yourself in the most respectable manner. This person


Miami Heat Fan Scores $75,000 Half Court Hook Shot, Gets Tackled By LeBron James

The Miami Heat played the Detroit Pistons on Friday, and came out on top 110-88. But for many, the peak


Will Smith Freestyles At Gabrielle Union’s Birthday Party

DjirieTV published this celebrity themed video on Sunday, and already it has been viewed more than 120,000 times. For Gabrielle Union's 40th


Prankster Poses With Unsuspecting Tourists

The brazen pranksters from How To Not Give A F*** go around in public performing socially embarrassing mistakes on purpose all on


Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Call Me Maybe Dance Music Video

The obsession with Carly Rae Jespen's hit single, Call Me Maybe, seems to only become more and more popular.  


Attacking Zombie Prank In Miami

Floridians are still nervous after a delirious man literally ate the face off another in Miami. Now wanting to miss out


Bat Infestation Discovered Under Roof Tiles

This video from July went unnoticed for months, until suddenly going viral now after being featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks and Reddit. South


Virginia Tech Fans Go Crazy When Enter Sandman Is Played Before Last Play Against Miami

Virginia Tech was up by three against Miami, 38 to 35, with just seconds left in the game. Miami had


Crazy Spanish Announcer: Ra Da Da Da After Kobe Bryant Three Pointer

For some reason, this video from last year has had a recent spike in viral viewership. It's a clip of