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Long Passenger Boat Pulls Off Sharp Drifting Turn Through Narrow Amsterdam Canals

As their name suggests, Amsterdam In Video specializes in all things Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the weekend, their first video to go viral


Harlem Shake Parkinson’s Disease PSA

With the magic of YouTube, fads like the now dreaded Harlem Shake can spread across the world with swift ease.


Futuristic Highways In The Netherlands Glow In Dark

While America is still stuck in the 20th century with crumbling roads and weakened bridges, Europe seems to be moving


Lars Andersen Is Fastest Archer In World

Archery was replaced centuries ago with the invention of the musket. Today, archery is a only performed as sport, but


iPhone 5 Super Glued To The Ground Prank

If you've turned on a TV, radio, or Internet connection in the past week, you've no doubt had Apple iPhone


Older Brother Transforms Younger Brother’s Room In Pink Little Girl’s Room Prank

After his younger brother 'fraped' his Facebook profile, this Dutch man decided not to stoop low and start a 'Facebook


Dutch A Cappella Group Covers Bangarang

, one of the most famous Dubstep artists on the 'net, broke out from the caves of music hipsters last


Netherlands Domino’s Pizza Electric Delivery Scooter Has Domino’s Themed Engine Sounds

EV's, or electric vehicles, are great for your pocket book as well as the environment, but there are some down


Charlie Sheen Bavaria Beer Commercial

Heineken is the Netherland's most famous beer, but many people might not know the second most popular Dutch brand is Bavaria beer. But the Bavarian


Netherlands Bar Drinkers Ignore Armed Robber, Then Chase Him Out

The Dutch sure know how to deal with a robber. As can been seen in this security camera footage, a


Ice Skating On Amsterdam’s Frozen Canals

For the first time in fifteen years, the canals in Amsterdam have frozen from this year's brutal winter. And the


Red Head Ginger Day Brenda, Netherlands 9/5/10

Thousands of red heads gather in Brenda to celebrate red head day. Roodharigendag (Redhead Day) 2010 Breda (Part 2) from