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Whale Shark Sucks Fish Out Of Hole In Fishing Net

This three week old video published by Conservation International only went viral in the past few days, and has amazingly amassed


Two Australian Divers Have Close Call With Great White Shark

Australian 7 NEWS brings us this report video that has already been viewed 700,000 times in just a week. Nathan and


Clam Licks Up Salt Off Table

This weird and creepy nature video has just gone viral, and is covered on CBSNews, GeekoSystem, and G4TV. Like so


Shark Attacks Giant Squid

Al McGlashan and the crew on Strikezone were filming in the ocean when they encountered the rare event of a


Manatees Swim With Beach Goers At Fort Lauderdale Beach

Beach goers and tourists were treated to some very special guests at a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A group of


Boat Racers Slammed By Powerful Waves

Volvo Ocean Racers, Team Telefónica, were racing from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajaí in Brazil on the southern ocean when they


Tiger Shark Nearly Bites Off Scuba-Cameraman’s Leg

This 20 day old video just went viral, accumulating over 600,000 views this week after being featured on GrindTV. Nature


Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf To Meet Tourist

Oceanographers OneWorldOneOcean caught a very touching scene on camera. The whales in San Ignacio Lagoon often come to visit small tourist boats.


Icy Finger Of Death

This icy nature video from Discovery's new special, Frozen Planet, already has 150,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends. Alec Baldwin narrates about


2,000 Dolphin Pod Stampede

Whale watchers Dana Wharf caught this amazing dolphin footage off the coast of Dana Point, California. They estimate over 2,000 dolphins joined them


Freediving With Great White Sharks

With only a good ol' fashion snorkel and flippers, Fred Buyle and William Winram dove and swam with some great white


Explaining The Mimic Octopus

This video covering the Mimic Octopus from 2010 has been gaining in popularity since October. Mark Norman explains the strange