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Whale Almost Eat Divers

Talk about a close call! While diving at Souza Rock off the California coast, two divers had a too-close-for-comfort encounter with


Divers Have Surprise Encounter With Humpback Whale

Westh2o published this video in 2011, but it has only hit the viral video scene recently. While diving in the ocean,


Woman Free Dives With Great White Shark

Variables Production is outdoor clothing line Patagonia's new adventure YouTube channel. Their debut video has already gone viral. Spear fisher and Patagonia ambassador Kimi


Woman Swims With Great White Shark

To promote their new HD HERO2 camera, Go Pro Camera teamed up with veteran freediver Ocean Ramsey for some jaw-dropping underwater footage. Incredibly, she


Iranian Oil Platform Sinks In Arabian Gulf

Reportedly, this video by roseegg1 shows a giant Iranian gas platforms sinking in the Arabian Gulf. No further explanation is given as the platform covered


Divers Help Remove Fishing Wire From Dolphin

While deep sea diving off the coast of Hawaii, divers of Manta Rays Hawaii encountered a dolphin entangled with fishing hook and


Helicopter Crashes Into Rio de Janeiro Beach While Attempting To Save Swimmer

Ironically, while attempting to save a struggling swimmer off Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana beach in Brazil, a fire department helicopter


Sea Otter Jumps Into Small Boat To Escape Killer Whales

Joe Miller's friends, Dusty Harpole and Dave Keller, were adventuring in Tutka Bay, Alaska when an absolutely amazing scene of nature occurred


Hand Feeding And Petting A Wild Stingray

Lots of people get the chance to get up close and personal with sea life they would never encounter as


Shark Week Autotune Remix Tribute

Melodysheep, one of the top trending auto-tune artist online these days, made this special auto-tune remix tribute in honor of


Amazing Whale Breach Close Up Off Coast Of Tofino

During a nice fishing trip Tofino BC Fishing set up for their clients, one fisherman recorded the beautiful ocean horizon.  Suddenly, a humpback


Massive Mako Shark Surprises Diver

On a Guy Harvey Expedition off Cat Island in the Bahamas, Jim Abernethy was filming a blue marlin when out of