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Blue Whale Swims Right By Tour Boat

There is a special place in mankind's heart for whales. Whenever there is an encounter, a magical bond is created.


Kayaker Records Blue Whales On First Person View Camera

It's not everyday you go kayaking and just so happen to have a giant Blue whale casually swim by you.


Melting Glacier Launches Huge Ice Chunks At Boaters Near By

While boating near the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska, an enormous hunk of the ice mountain melted off and splashed into


Possible UFO Found In Baltic Sea

UFO sightings are a common occurrence these days, and, so far, they have all turned out to be just that. They are


Deep Sea Hunter Walks On Ocean Floor Holding Breath For Five Minutes

A Bajau fisherman free dives and holds his breath for almost three minutes to catch a fish on the ocean floor.


Dolphin Tail Walking In Wild

Tail walking is a trick dolphins are taught when they are jailed in zoos and aquariums. A camera man caught