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This Guy Gives a New Meaning to ‘Bullseye’

[rumble][/rumble] Check out this video of a boy who pulls off a one-in-a-lifetime ping-pong trick shot! Similar videos might be


Ping Pong – Boring Meets Trick Shots

WhatsappFunny uploaded this entertaining clip named "Boring - Ping Pong" last year. And even though I can't really explain it


Ozzy Man Reviews: Best Of Ping Pong 2016

Even if you don't happen to find the comments by Ozzy Man Reviews entertaining - this is some pretty great

Awesome Ping Pong Trick Shots

The Pongfinity guys did put together some of their best and funniest moments in ping pong trick shot-history. Two and

Spectacular Ping Pong: Fegerl vs Karlsson

This really is amazing! "Trully breathtaking rallies!" Some more highlights of this epic tabletennis match between Stefan Fegerl and Kristian


Roomba Beer Pong Is The Next Level

Beer Pong has been around for ages. Finally, it seems the game has taken a step into the 21st century.


Mind Blowing Ping Pong And Soccer Trick Shots

You probably thought that soccer and ping pong were two sports that weren't that exciting. You couldn't be more wrong. Trick&Treat takes both sports


Smart Dog Plays Ping Pong

A well disciplined dog can be taught countless tricks, from fetching the newspaper in the morning, to catching a Frisbee, to


Dog Plays Ping Pong

This new video by Beating Heart has gone viral this weekend. The clip features an adorable dog who somehow has learned


Matt Lauer Pulls An Epic Ping Pong Ball Prank On Ellen DeGeneres

As most of her fans already know, Ellen Degeneres has recently been messing with The Today Show host Matt Lauer. Now, Matt


Epic Behind The Back Twirl Ping Pong Shot

Ping pong master Bogeyhunter9 plays a lot of the miniature tennis game. He's a true master. But still, even masters meet their


Guy Plays Ping Pong Every Day For One Year

In order to master a craft or activity, you have to study hard and then do it over and over