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SUV Crazy Road Rage Driver Ironically Is The One To Lose Control And Crash

Road rage is almost always irrational. Why get into a fight with a stranger over something petty, like being cut…

Motorcyclist Captures The Moment He Is Attacked By Road Rager On Helmet Camera

Motorcyclist Stealthy Aban was riding along the road with his girlfriend in Yuma, Arizona on Saturday when a driver behind them got out…

Road Rage In Canada Is Simply Adorable

Road rage can be a scary, serious issue. There are countless videos online as proof. But things are always nicer in…

Road Rager Repeatedly Smashes Taxi To Clear A Path

NSFW Language Warning, Content This video published by JukinVideo showcases a true case of road rage. With a taxi blocking the…

N. Carolina Sheriff Stops Short In Front Of Truck After Holding Up Traffic

Chad Walton was driving his pickup truck on the I-526 highway through South Carolina when he approached a very slow North Carolina sheriff's squad…

Russian Road Rage Stalemate

After getting into a who-cut-off-who situation, one car blocked the other and exited the vehicle to teach them a lesson.…



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