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Man Races British Airways A380 Jumbo Jet

The A380 isn't just your average jetliner. It is the largest passenger airliner in the world. That makes it a perfect…

Heavy Guy Runs 100m Race

Sprinters must be in the best of shape to compete with their peers. As a fun gag, Isaac Akers caught one…

Track Runner Falls, Turn Fail Into Worm Dance

Slipping on the track field can be horribly embarrassing. Not only did you lose the race, but you fell on…

Great Dane Runs 30 MPH

This video from 2010 has steadily been growing in popularity, but has really started to surge since last October. Skimoriver01 recorded as…

De’Anthony Thomas Runs Super Fast 91 Yard Touchdown At Rose Bowl

A the end of the first quarter of the Rose Bowl, Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas handed the ball off to freshman…

Fat Man Loses 120 Pounds Running In One Year

If you need inspiration, just watch this video. This guy was fat and depressed. He had enough with his life,…


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