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Conan Plays Horror Video Games

One of Conan O'Brien's most popular on-going series is his Clueless Gamer series.  For his latest episode, Conan and his video


Flying Demon Grim Reaper Halloween Prank

Online prankster Tom Mabe has gone viral with his new Epic Halloween Prank. Somehow, he sent a flying and screaming demon monster


Ellen Sends Her Two Staffers Through Walking Dead Haunted House

Ellen DeGeneres loves scary people, be it her celebrity guests or her writer Amy.  Every October she has a tradition


Human Chair Prank For Halloween

UC Magic's human chair prank was a great viral success back in April, amassing over 2.5 million views.  Now, the


Jason Voorhees With A Chainsaw Friday The 13th Prank

The Halloween season of fear has come early this fall with Friday the 13th falling out this weekend. To celebrate,


Morph Suit Guy Hiding In The Curtains Prank

As a fun prank, Garrett Garcia of Over Board Humor donned a black, skin tight morph suit, and hid by the black


Terrifying Dinosaur Prank On Japanese TV

Korean YouTuber  승용 김 posted this short clip from a prank Asian television show in July, but the video is trending on


Fake MSU Football Player Mannequin Prank

The preseason for Michigan State University Spartans football has begun. As players and coaches were heading in to practice at


Afraid To Fly Josh Takes First Aerobatics Flight With Friend

Antony L's good buddy Josh suffers from severe aerophobia. He is simply terrified to fly. But as he is growing older,


The Ring Style Wake Up Prank

What good is being in a relationship if you can't capitalize on your significant other's vulnerabilities in a YouTube video?


Headless Man At The Drive Thru Prank

Magician Rahat blew the web away with his viralviral, and utterly hilarious, drive-thru prank when he concealed himself as the car seat,


Baby Is Adorably Scared By Vacuum

This video by taj0616 was posted online way back in 2011, but it has started to trend now after being featured on