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Giant Falling Spider Prank Brings Little Trick Or Treater To Tears

Halloween is one of those holidays that has a delicate balance for kids. They don't like to be scared that


Slender Man Halloween Prank At DePaul University

The best, and often scariest, Halloween pranks are the more subtle ones. Rocky P. proved this point in his Halloween prank


Dog Hates Low-Fat Lamb Jerky

Everyone knows that dogs go just nuts when they smell meat. But apparently, not all meat is created equal. Pentagram


Pine-Sol Lady Pranks Unsuspecting Product Test Volunteers

Pine-Sol enlisted the help of a group of men to try out their powerful cleaning solutions in what the volunteers thought


Kitten Fails Surprising Cat With Added Looney Tunes Sounds

This adorable cat video published by allfungame went viral over the weekend, amassing over 120,000 views since Saturday.  A tiny kitten


Robot Dinosaur Scares Zach

This adorable video from 2009 only went viral over the weekend, already amassing 60,000 views, and is featured on TastefullyO,


Fish ‘Bites’ Cat

This video published in February just went viral now, and is featured on HuffingtonPost, BoingBoing, and . The video is


Purple Panda Scares Kids In Daycare

In a Pennsylvania daycare, children's television show star Mr. McFeely was visiting along with Purple Panda. But when Panda came in, the kids


Tiny Kitten Is Scared Of Vacuum

Even though there are countless cute animal videos, there are a few special ones that stick out from the rest.


Terrified Bobsled Rider

This isn't your average slide. This is the La Plagne Olympic bobsleigh run. And man, does this rider have a bad


Chubby Baby Upset By Loud Band Music

This super cute, chubby baby watches a spectacle unseen by the camera with much query, but is caught off guard


Reporter Freaks Out After She is Scared At The Haunted House She Is Reporting On

Kim, from Michigan's ABC 7 WXYZ, was reporting at a big haunted house that she's already afraid of being in. While she's