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Fear Of Heights Can Be Very Cute

For a bystander at least, for the guy himself... Well, not so much. [embed][/embed]

Daughter Scares Dad During Video Game

Sometimes video games are more intense than your own children. [embed][/embed]

Shadow Monster

Monsters come from where you least expect it.

I’m Blue?!!

Who the f*ck is that creep???

If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls

Game of Thrones is back and so are the White Walkers. Scary as ever, but you might view them a…

She Is Screaming Too Hard For This To Be Just A Prank

To be honest, I didn't know what was happening here at first either. But as soon as I connected the…

Storm Is Coming

When you know what's coming and there's nothing you can do about it.

This Cyclops Goat Is Freaky As Hell

Goats are usually very cute, but this one is kind of... special. Not exactly cute, as far as I'm concerned.…

Sea Lion Wants To Be On Top Of The Animal Kingdom

It doesn't come recommended to turn your back to a 'caged' animal, and this little girl is about to find…

When You’re Too Easily Scared

Make sure to ground firmly when you're admiring a living statue, or this happens.

Just A Casual Bike Ride… Whoa, Is That A Bear Coming At Us?!

Nothing more challenging and relaxing than a bike ride through the forest, but this one is more about being scary. [embed][/embed]

A Thrilling Ride Changes In A Flying Nightmare

A decent ride gets your heart racing in your chest, but this is from a whole other level. When you're dangling…


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