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I Regret Watching That Horror Movie


When IT Is The Cat In The Hat… It’s Even Scarier?!

You have to be a real scary pants to be scared by the Cat in the Hat. But in this


Rings TV Store Pranks Lets Samara Climb Out Of Real Televisions

Paramount Pictures hit the jackpot with their new promo for the upcoming movie "Rings". Costumers in a tv store got

Jimmy Fallon, Anna Kendrick And John Lithgow Read Ghost Stories Written By Elementary School Kids

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon got a new video of stars re-enacting scenes written by elementary school children. But


Great White Shark Circles Father And Son On Small Boat

Even though shark attacks are more rare than many countless other ways to get hurt, people are still naturally terrified by


Humpback Whales Breaching By Kayakers Is Terrifying Too Close

We humans have a special affinity for whales. Even though they seem to be so different from us, they are also


Cop Saves Man Trapped In Burning Car With Bodycam Recording

Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney got a call in the middle of the night of a highway car accident. When he


Sorority Girls Chanting Will Terrify You

Sorority girls have a really bad reputation on and off campus. Apparently, Okeditor is not a fan of Alpha Delta Pi. They took


Real Life Super Hero Saves Woman And Her Dog From Drowning In Car In Baton Rouge Flood

In case you were unaware, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is currently underwater. Many are saying it's some of the worst flooding next to Katrina.


Coast Guard Rescues Four Boaters After Boat Capsizes

The scariest thing happened to four boaters on June 28, 2016 out of Charleston, South Carolina. Their 27 foot Sea Pro literally


Plane Crash At Atlanta Air Show

One of the worst possible things happened at the DeKalb Peachtree Airport Good Neighbor Day Air Show this year. One of


Doorbell Cam Records As Firefighters Battle To Save House

As you most likely know, large portions of Canada are burning, specifically Fort McMurray. Firefighters are doing everything they can to