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Talking Raven Says Never More – Scary

Straight out of the Edgard Allen Poe poem, this freaky scary Raven talks and says, 'never more'. Halloween here we…

Snickers Halloween Commercial – Kids Dressed As Freaky Scary Woman In Grocery Store

This woman will truly give me nightmares, so I guess Snickers really hit the Halloween theme well. Two kids dress as…

Parents Scare Kids With Chain Saw After Night Of Scary Movie Watching

This video is old, but has resurfaced as crazy viral. These kids stayed up late watching scary movies so rather than…

Climbing 1700 Foot Tower – World’s Scariest Job

This video was taken down, but it went so viral, many people ripped it before it was taken down. A…

Storm Front Causes Panic At Beach In Hietaniemi, Finland

You can just hear the Dum Dum Dum of the dramatic bass. Whatever the genre, this all too real scene…


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