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Funny eBay Post – STOP! THIS IS NOT A DVD

This video originally published by merryroach in 2011 has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit. While browsing eBay,


Justin Bieber Chased By Screaming Crazy Mob Of Girls In Oslo, Norway

Gosh, Justin Bieber sure has been in the spot light for a long time. Fans have to be getting a


Illinois State Representative Explodes On House Floor

On Tuesday, state Rep. Mike Bost 'exploded' on the House floor over the recent Democrat-led pension reform bill.  “I’m sick of it!”


Little Girl Throws Temper Tantrum After Jessica Sanchez Loses American Idol 2012

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips faced off head to head in this year's American Idol finale, and Philip ended up with


Dad Reacts To Screaming In Heavy Metal Song

NSFW - language This Lebanese dad seems ok with his kid's loud heavy metal music when it's just the instruments,


Purple Panda Scares Kids In Daycare

In a Pennsylvania daycare, children's television show star Mr. McFeely was visiting along with Purple Panda. But when Panda came in, the kids


The Cabin In The Woods Dubstep Remix

If you've never heard screaming as music, now's your chance. YouTube remix artist Mike Relm has returned to the 'net


Norwegian Hiker Celebrates Opening Box Of Snacks At The South Pole

Norwgian Hiker Aleksandergamme was hiking the South Pole, and purposefully left a box of supplies and snacks for himself to later retrieve


Crazy Lithuanian Mineral Water Commercial

This out of this world mineral water commercial from Lithuania has been viewed 250,000 times in just two days, thanks


Terrified Bobsled Rider

This isn't your average slide. This is the La Plagne Olympic bobsleigh run. And man, does this rider have a bad


Professional Bowler Pete Weber Championship Win Reaction

Pete Weber made history over the weekend winning his fifth U.S. Open Bowling Championship. He reacted to his win by screaming


Eccentric Man Gives Hilarious Rant Speech At City Council After Being Arrested For Using The F-Word

Amazing ranter James Inman took to the podium at a Seattle city council meeting concerning a recent protest. But he wasn't arrested at