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‘Beer & Pizza’ Spoofs ‘Bread & Milk’ Viral Video

Remember the Bread & Milk video that went viralviral over the Nemo blizzard weekend? That video stands with over 7.2


Gay Man Stands Up To Anti-Gay Preacher On NYC Subway

The New York City subway is famous as city's the stage for the outrageous and the ridiculous. Out of nowhere,


Goats Yelling Like Humans Super Cut Compilation

The web's latest ridiculous supercut comes from RSVLTS. Goats yelling like humans has been a long standing silly viral video genre to


Jesse Pinkman Saying B*tch Compilation

NSFW Warning - language Breaking Bad continues to be one of the most popular cable shows of choice for the


Mom Adorably Freaks Out When She Discovers She Is An Expecting Grandma

Surprising the family with the 'we're expecting' news is half the fun of having a baby. When bigfatjocey discovered they were pregnant, they


Irish Dad Rebukes Son Who Fails Cinnamon Challenge

NSFW Warning - Language! This cinnamon challenge video, posted by katwalsh191 in November, features a participant who fails like nearly everyone else


Boyfriend Faints On Slingshot Rollercoaster

The slingshot style roller coaster is an extremely popular source of viral videos. The latest to go viral was actually


Wife Yells At Bear Approaching The Back Porch

The Grillo family has been getting visits from one very large black bear recently. Well the Mrs. had enough of the bear acting


Green Day’s Billie Joe Freaks Out After I Heart Radio Show Is Cut Short For Usher

NSFW Warning - language Though they may not be so 'hip' today, most people online grew up with the 90's


People Freaking Out In Film Supercut

Zach Prewitt scoured through countless hours of classic films and recent movies looking for the best freak outs and temper tantrums. Now,


Husband Pranks Sleeping Wife Driving Behind Towed Truck On Highway

The prank has been done before, but TheMannyChannel dared to pull it on his wife. With the little ones in back, dad


Dad With Young Daughter On Theme Ride: Never Again!

You can just see in this father's eyes that he is not a happy camper being strapped into the Screaming