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Simpsons Spoof Harlem Shake In ‘Homer Shake’

Man. There used to be a time when The Simpsons were on the cutting edge. They made the trends. They didn't sadly


Maggie Simpson In The Longest Daycare

It's really incredible to think that The Simpsons is currently longest-running scripted show in television history. So it's should be no


Oprah On The Simpsons Special

Back in the 90's, all the talk in television world was the cartoon The Simpsons, the animated series that was


Homer Simpson The Last Peanut Scene Recreated In Claymation

Any self respecting Simpsons fan no doubt has this famous 'The Last Peanut' scene from season 5 memorized. It's a


Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

Everyone knows that Mr. Burns is the rich old mean guy who owns the power plant in the popular ANIMATION on FOX show


Ultimate Best Of Ralph Wiggum Compilation

This Ralph Wiggum super cut was published by alasdairdavidstewart way back in 2010, but it only went viral over the past few months. Both


The Simpsons Couch Gag Intro By Animator Bill Plympton

Esteemed cartoonist and animator Bill Plympton made a special visit to the world's longest running sitcom, The Simpsons on Fox. He was


Ultimate Itchy And Scratchy Show Supercut

The Simpsons have been apart of American culture for over two decades, and with that comes their mini 'show in


The Simpsons Theme A Cappella Cover

Nick McKaig does the long time running sitcom cartoon justice with an epic one man vocal-only cover of the introduction to The


Homer Simpson Saying D’oh! Ultimate Compilation

Back in the 90's, one of the funniest things you could say was, "D'oh!" It just seemed like everyone was


Amazing Impressions By Isaac

This video was posted in the fall of 2009, but just became a viral sensation after being featured on Reddit.


Breaking Bad Simpsons Mash Up

Fans of Breaking Bad are quick to call out the similarities between Ned Flanders and the BB main character Walter