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São Paulo Neighborhood Erupts In Cheers When Brazil Scores

Remember that game Brazil played recently? And remember their passionate fans during World Cup 2014? This footage is probably exactly


Ultimate Goalkeeping

Everyone needs a keeper like this one in their life.


This Is Adorable Even If You Don’t Like Soccer

We get it, soccer is not for everyone. But who doesn't like some adorable youngsters chasing around two professional players?!


Toddler Practises Soccer Celebrations

You cannot start early enough with training your goal celebration abilities, and this adorable boy knows it.


When Nothing In A Game Works

Gaming is fun they said... well, this game sucks. [video width="480" height="470" mp4=""][/video]


When You’re Trying To Play A Soccer Game But There’s A Bloody Dog In The Way

The game probably wasn't that interesting, so this dog invading the pitch was the highlight of the day. It has


Girls Playing Soccer


Former Football Star Talks Openly About His Role As A Dad And A Mom

Rio Ferdinand is someone we know as a strong and tough defender for Manchester United, but in this interview he


Keeper Scores Epic Bicycle Wonder Goal In Overtime

If you are a fan of football you might know, how rare a "real" goal (no penalty or freekick) of

Foosball With Power Drills As Handles

An unusual modification done by SGS Engineering UK, who exchanged the handles on a foosball table with power drills resulting

Soccer Player Gets Yellow Card for Twerking

This is ridiculous! Major League player Kei Kamara did celebrate his goal by twerking in front of the fans and

Football and football fails

"Football" and "Football" - these comepletely different sports do have one thing in common: There do happen a lot of