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Offering Random, Weird Compliments To Strangers Prank

Most socially aware people know what it's like to be hit on. After hearing the same four over-used pick up…

Unibrow Discrimination Social Experiment

As a kid, Mark Rober--who is viral video famous for his road kill experiment--grew a seriously rocking unibrow. But through high school…

What Happens To A Lone Piano On The Streets Of Manhattan

Anthony Sherin, with The New York Times, discovered a lone piano outside his apartment on the streets of Manhattan in the Washington Heights…

Hugging Strangers At Venice Beach Prank

Monotone Andrew Hails and prank group LAHWF have come up with one of their best awkward social experiments yet. Andrew just walked…

New Yorker Steals His Own Bike In Broad Day Light As Social Experiment

We would hope in a civil society that if someone was stealing our bike in broad daylight, someone would come…



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