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Super Mario Theme Performed On Sheng Chinese Instrument

You've probably never heard of the Sheng, but it's actually one of China's oldest instruments, dating back to 1100 BC.


‘Mario Seinfeld’ Is A Nerdy Nintendo Parody About Nothing

This new parody by gamer channel Esquire Bob Animations mashes two unlikely 1990's fan favorites together: Seinfeld and Super Mario Brothers. The


Beating Super Mario Bros. With Only 500 Points

Back in 2011, gamer channel Not Entirely Sure accomplished the inconceivable. He beat the original Super Mario Bros. game on Nintendo


Super Mario Doorbell Is Awesome

Want to show off your love for Nintendo? How about putting a Super Mario doorbell on your house! Jo Tsai has made


Gritty Mario World Short Film Is What Super Mario Bros. The Movie Should Have Been

Super Mario Bros. the movie was one of the most disappointing films in nerd history. The movie attempted to offer


Lara Croft, Master Chief, Assassin Kenway Battle Super Mario Short Film

It doesn't matter how new and cool of a video game hero you are. No one messes with Super Mario.


Super Mario Bros 3 A Capella

Smooth McGroove has made a name for himself online as the video game a cappella musician. If the music is from


Mario Kart 64 In Real Life Stop Motion

The web has seen Mario Kart in real life before, with Remi Gallard racing around town as Mario, and even


Super Mario And Luigi In Real Life

Gamer channel Polaris is trending after debuting their dramatic new series of video game characters in-real-life, The Four Players. The series has


Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas – Super Mario TMNT Mash Up

Back in the late 80's and early 90's there were two popular franchises that nearly every kid was in love


Super Mario Bros Music Played By Robot Piano And Drums

This nerdy music video by Robo Band was posted online in August, but is trending now more than ever! The crew created


Get Lucky By Daft Punk Covered On Mario Paint Composer

The Daft Punk summer hit Get Lucky continues to trend online. This time the techno pop song is covered by YouTuber Jeonghoon95 in one