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Epic Super Mario Medley On Piano Blindfolded

The classic Super Mario theme music never, ever gets old. It's difficult on piano, especially when you add in more


How To Jump The Flag Pole In Super Mario Bros Level One

Mother Effer Mike shows us a difficult glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. If you can pull it off,


Super Mario Marshawn Lynch Touchdown

Marshawn Lynch scored an epic touchdown against the New Orleans Saints that many are calling one of the greatest runs


Coldplay Rips Off Super Mario Bros. Star Music

Those jerks. I never liked them, but now I'm just mad. Coldplay just super slowed down the music when you


Playing Classic Nintendo Mario Games With Kinect On PC

After some hacking, this super nerd is able to play the classic Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3 with


Mario Is A Pervet

Mario, Luigi, and Toad ask Peach to do her floating jump over the water fall. And they take a peek.


Super Mario Bros. X 1.3 Trailer

Super Mario Bros. X picks up on the New Super Mario Bros. game. It has four player action, but uses


Paper Mario TIFO Chicago VS Seattle

This has to be the coolest and most exciting thing ever in a soccer game. The section 8 of Chicago


Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary And History

Mario is more known in the world than Mickey Mouse. He definitely has had a powerful positive impact on the


Eye Mario – Play Nintendo With Your Eyes

These awesome nerd connected motion sensors wore on the eyes to an original Nintendo Entertainment System, NES. Now you can