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Dolphin Snatches iPad Out Of Woman’s Hands

Thanks to clever marketing, people are somehow motivated to walk around with their tablets. A large smartphone is one thing,


Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Arm Into A Tablet

The Cicret Bracelet has great ambitions. In their debut commercial, the company proposes a simple bracelet that the user wears that can


New Pizza Hut Interactive Tablet-Style Tables Allow You To Order Your Pizza And Game While You Wait

Pizza Hut is bringing their restaurants into the future with new interactive tables thanks to Chaotic Moon Studios. Soon, guests will


The Minuum Keyboard Project To Make A Smart Keyboard For Smartphones

The smartphone has truly changed the world. But there's one function that is holding everything back. The keyboard. It's based


PaperTab Is A Real Paper-Like Tablet Computer Commercial

Computer science laboratory Human Media Lab has quickly gone viral with their commercial for PaperTab, which has been featured on Mashable, InfoWeek,


Surface VS iPad Commercial Parody

Cinesaurus and Laugh Pong teamed up to post this humorous spoof of a cliche Apple iPad commercial that already has over 700,000 views. 


Unboxing Nexus 7 Tablet Frustration Compilation

Unboxing videos have become a staple in the tech world. Now you can literally see nearly any new tech product


Microsoft Surface Freezes During Opening Presentation

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft


Microsoft Introduces New Surface Tablet

For years now, Apple has dominated the tech and geek world with their best selling iPad tablet. eReaders, like the


Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial Parody

Commercials for expensive consumer electronics really have to reel you in and make an impression. The market is so competitive