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Can Texas ACTUALLY Secede From The Union?

CGPGrey asks a very important question that is very telling of the times. Can Texas secede from the Union? Unsurprisingly, Texas has


Austin Texas Police Department Makes It Gets Better Video

Two years ago, the It Gets Better campaign was kicked off by Dan Savage, and was followed by companies, leaders,


Texas Mom Arrested For Letting Kids Play Outside

Viewers are outraged after a Texas mother was arrested for charges of child neglect while she watched them play on their scooters in


Eastwood High School Graduates Flash Mob Dance During Graduation Ceremony

Most graduation ceremonies are long, boring, and dull, as if the school is trying to give students one last taste


Huge Hail During Dallas Tornado Storm 4/3/12

Severe weather has struck the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas today. Several tornadoes touched down, tearing through urban areas. Hail the size


US Immigration Accidently Deport American Teenage Girl To Columbia Who Won’t Give Her Back

It's been a while since the US government has embarrassed themselves in a grand way, but this newest gaffe that just surfaced


Taking A Holiday Study Break

The Holidays is on everyone's mind now, but for some young people there is still one more obstacle in the


Rick Perry Spoofs His Debate Gaffe In Political Ad

Rick Perry went viral in November at the CNBC Republican debate when he began a three item list of departments


Texas Coach’s Daughters Shriek During St. John’s Free Throws

College football is taken very seriously, especially when your daddy is the coach for the Texas A&M. Texas just beat St. John's


Rick Perry Fail At Republican Debate

At the most recent CNBC Republican debate, Rick Perry made a fool of himself when he declared there were three


Bad Lip Reading Of Rick Perry Campaign Commercial

Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential campaign is in full swing. Though his first campaign commercial already went viral, this one


Fried Bubblegum At Texas State Fair

Last month, the Iowa State Fair put its self on the map after one vendor went viral for selling fried