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4Chan Mass Prank Calls Radio Show

4Chan is the open Internet billboard where nothing, and we mean nothing is off limits. When the users of 4chan /b/


Coke Bottle Trumpet

Talk about going green. In Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Mexico, the sister city to El Paso, Texas, a Mexican man made a


Armor Company CEO Has Employee Shoot AK-47 At Him While Only Protected By Their Bullet Proof Glass

It's easy for companies to say they stand behind their product when nothing is on the line. But people who


Bees Take Over House Turning It Into A Giant Bee Hive

This video of a news report posted back in April, but only now has gone viral. KPRC of Houston, Texas reports


Cowboys In Police Cars Catch Bull Running Through Small Town In Texas

First, there was a the viral video of the cow running through the streets of Queens. Now this video of a


News Report: Man Buys House For $16, Neighbors Upset

Kenneth Robinson did his research and was rewarded with a $300,000 for only $16. The home was foreclosed on the


Fire At Rihanna Concert

During Rihanna's concert in Dallas last Friday, there was a malfunction and the pyrotechnics above the stage caught fire. No


Texas Governor Rick Perry Calls For Day Of Prayer And Fasting

The country is definitely going through some very tough times. Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks the answer to America's problems


Thirsty Baby Armadillo Approaches Humans For Water In Texas

Texas has been extra dry and extra hot these past months. There hasn't been rain in what seems like forever,


Lightening Strike Causes Colored Explosions Forth Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas residence called 911 after lightening struck several electrical transformers. One camera person caught the after effects on


Long Line For New In-N-Out Burger In Texas

Americans love their fast food burger joints and Texas is on top of that list. In-N-Out Burger started in the


Obama Loses His Cool With Texas Reporter

President Obama gave an interview to a local Texas news station that's gaining attention. The interviewer does not pretend to