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This Guy Gives a New Meaning to ‘Bullseye’

[rumble][/rumble] Check out this video of a boy who pulls off a one-in-a-lifetime ping-pong trick shot! Similar videos might be…

Boomerang Trick Shots

The smoothest boomerang trick shot video you'll ever see. I've never wanted a boomerang in my life so badly! [embed][/embed]

Real Life Trick Shots

Trick shots belong on the basketball court or in a videogame, not on the parking lot or in the kitchen,…

Never Tell Me The Odds

According to my calculations, a single trick shot in this video has a chance of 0.071% of succeeding. So multiply…

Blitzball Trick Shots

These trick shots are insane! [embed][/embed]

Insane Real Life Trickshots

The guys from Dude Perfect are insanely popular on YouTube, and this video immediately shows why. They perform some very…

World Record Basketball Shot 180m (593 Feet)

Even though these types of world records assume to me like the sum of luck and endurance, this is rather…

Funny Parody of Ping Pong Trick Shot Videos

The Ping Pong Masters from Golden Moustache put a lot of work (and years!) into this video, resulting in the…

Dude Perfect Show Us Their Epic New Office

Die Dudes got their perfect office. By showing (off) their brand new office (that looks like when all sports areas…

Awesome Ping Pong Trick Shots

The Pongfinity guys did put together some of their best and funniest moments in ping pong trick shot-history. Two and…

Epic Hat Trick Shots

After a way too long introduction, YouTuber theDOMINICshow shows us his hat throwing skills. Neat!

Wife throws lunch from the balcony into the car of her husband

A long headline that says it all. Amazing trick shot! via: kraftfuttermischwerk


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