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Ram Is An Alcoholic

An like any other alcoholic, it won't take no for an answer when trying to enter the liquor store. Good


Irish People Try The World’s Strongest Cocktails

The Irish can stomach some, but this is kind of heavy. [embed][/embed]


These Alcohol Life Hacks Will Change Your Life

Alcohol is strange stuff -- it either boosts your party to slurring levels or it kills all bacteria you didn't


How To Make The “Smoke Bomb” Is Simply Stunning

YouTube's newest and hottest cocktail channel, Cocktail Chemistry, has returned with arguably their best video to date. This time, our favorite


Best Friends In Rom Coms Are All Alcoholics

Romantic comedies all seem to follow the same recipe. The main character has a problem and their best friend comes


How To Make Perfectly Clear Ice For The Best Cocktail

As everyone knows, a party is only as good as its supply of ice. Great parties have come to a


Cocktail In An Ice Ball Is Gorgeous

As the name implies, Cocktail Chemistry is a YouTube cooking show about upscale cocktails and drinks. For the debut video, the host demonstrates


Seth Rogen And Amy Schumer Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial

For years, the most popular commercials during the Super Bowl have been beer commercials. This year, Bud Light teamed up with comedians


Watch Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For First Time

Fireball whiskey is by far not the best whiskey at the bar. But that doesn't matter, because it's one of those drinks


Fan Made Johnnie Walker Commercial About Brotherly Love Will Give You Chills

It's a wonder how some commercials, with giant marketing budgets behind them, can't compete with ads made by a couple


Grandpa Performs Inconceivable Beer Yoga Trick

This is a beer drinking trick that would be difficult for a college student, but somehow this older man accomplishes


Chill With Nick Offerman As He Drinks Whiskey For 45 Minutes

As all his fans know so well, Nick Offerman loves to enjoy a nice adult beverage. Even his character on Parks And Rec