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26 November, 2020


Hammerhead Chases Tarpon Along Beach

Hammerhead Chases Tarpon Along Beach

[rumble][/rumble] I had an exciting encounter with a Tarpon and a Hammerhead while fly fishing from the beach at Nokomis…

Backflip Fail on the Beach

Beach Backflip Fail Today we have a pretty good fail video for you. Today we get to see how a…

Zen and the Art of Balancing Stones

We can all use a little more Zen and tranquility in our lives, which is why we find this video…

A Perv With Four Legs

This donkey knows a place or two to leave his urges.

Countless Clams Emerge From Beach Sand

Paul-E published this video in 2012, but it has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views! While visiting the…

Stupid Driver Gets His Jeep Stuck In The Mud At The Beach

Yes, the Jeep is a great off road vehicle. But that doesn't make it impervious to nature. While at the…

Hot Wheels Toy Car Track On The Beach Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Toy movie maker 5MadMovieMakers went to the beach for the day, and brought along a bunch of Hot Wheels cars and tracks.…

Retired Couple Terrifyingly Swept Away By Unexpected Beach Waves

Always be aware of the tide when by the water, especially during a storm. A retired couple found this out…

Powerful Sneaker Wave Caught On Camera

Owner of the High Tide Cafe in Coos Bay, Steve Raplee, just happened to be at the beach at the right…

Beacher Goer Trains Pelicans To Dance

Nestor Bonilla was visiting the beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico when they met a very interesting man. He was a pelican instructor. Incredibly, the…

Surfing In High Heels

Most people can't even surf while dressed in normal swimwear. But pro surfer Maud Le Car is not your average…

Drone Records Sharks Swimming Dangerously Close To Surfers

Dustmeoff12 was by the water in Pismo Beach, California when he decided to take his brand new drone for a spin. He thought…



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