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How A Blind Person Cooks Dinner

When you're blind the simplest things in life become challenges, like just having dinner. Tommy Edison who is blind shows us


Blind Kitten Plays With Christmas Tree

Blind kitten Oskar first went viral at the end of November, and Mick12321kciM continues to keep everyone updated with adorable kitty videos. Their


Blind Kitten Plays With Toys For The First Time

The only thing that's more 'awww' ensuing than a kitten is a blind kitten. Oskar was born without formed eyes,


Blind Man Crosses Busy Street In Manhattan

While waiting at some traffic lights, you may have heard  a noise, clicking, or tone. You may not need it,


Blind Boy Throws Strike At Diamondbacks Opening Pitch

Being blind can really be a hinder someone's life. Just using an ATM can be difficult and time consuming for


How Do Blind People Use Paper Money

It's easy for a person with normal sight to take something as simple as buying a cup of coffee for


Blind Man Uses ATM

It's easy to take for granted all the activities that are only possible with the help of our working eyes.


Blind Man Hitting In Batting Cage

You wouldn't think someone who is blind could play baseball, but don' tell that to a blind person. No matter


Bono Brings Blind Fan On Stage, Gives Him His Guitar

At a U2 concert in Nashville, a blind fan held up a sign that said, 'Blind Guitar Player, Bring Me


Blind Man Reviews Bad Teacher

What's great about getting a film review from someone who is blind is that you get a different perspective. He


Thor Movie Reviewed By Blind Film Critic

Reviewing visually intense movies when your blind is no easy tasks. But the Blind Film Critic will accept the challenge.


Blind Guy Reviews Inception

And you thought understanding Inception was difficult the first two times you saw it. Imagine never actually seeing it. Just