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Adorable Blind Four Year Old Walks Down Sidewalk Curb By Himself For First Time

Four year old Gavin Robert Stevens has Leber Congenital Amaurosis. His case is so severe, 'you can say Gavin is completely blind,' writes


What Blind People Are Afraid Of

The web's favorite blind vlogger, Tommy Edison, returns to talk about his fears as a blind person. Naturally, he isn't afraid


Describing Colors To Blind People

It has been a while, but the Internet's favorite blind guy, Tommy Edison, has finally returned to the web to talk more about


The Perks Of Being Blind

Blind people are often pitied in American society, even though they can't see everyone staring at them. But it's not


How Blind People Write

Most people know that the seeing-impaired can 'read' by using braille, but how do blind people write? Even if they


Blind Autistic Boy Enjoys Street Guitar Performance

Blues bellower Tyler Gregory was busking on the streets on Lawrence, Kansas like he usually does when he was approached by a


Blind Rachael Leahcar Sings La Vie En Rose On The Voice Australia

Rachael Leahcar is legally blind, but no one suspected a thing when she blew away the audience and judges on The


How Blind People Use The iPhone

Smart phones have revolutionized the world, but what about the seeing impaired? Can they take advantage of this great technology?


Google Self Driving Car Chauffeurs Blind Man

Google announced their ambitious plans to create autonomous cars in 2010, and soon they were testing a special fleet of Toyota hybrids.


Blind Homeless Dog Rescued

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue non-profit based in Los Angeles, California received a call about a homeless dog who was in


How Blind People Dream

One of the most common questions a seeing impaired person is asked is what are their dreams like. Do blind


South African Fast Food Chain Creates Hamburgers With Braille Written With Sesame Seeds On Bun Describing Sandwich For Blind Patrons

Any proper chef knows that presentation is a huge part of creating any delicious dish, because people truly eat with