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SodaStream Parodies The ‘Shame’ Scene From Game of Thrones

I wouldn't have tought to ever write this - but this SodaStream commercial is really funny! The got Thor Björnsson


Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2016: The Greatest Gift

Another little christmas tradition - the yearly Sainsbury ad. This time James Corden sings us a song and we get


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

Here it is - the yearly piece of heartwarming christmas emotion in form of an advertising. This time Jon Lewis

First Look at Nintendo Switch

This video has gotten way too long, the device looks like a PSP but over 400.000 people still hope for


Audi Presidential Debate Commercial “Duel” is awesome

I haven't seen last night's debate, but this commercial run by German car brand Audi shown in a break is

The New Apple AirBag

Finally a paper bag with lots of air in it that costs a fortune! Very entertaining spoof done by the


Honest Airline Commercial Is So True

We all know that companies portray their products in a much brighter light in the commercials than they really are. That's OK.


Mattress Company Airs 9/11 Themed Commercial

It's not that easy to make the entire Internet mad at you. But this small, mom and pop mattress store


If Medicine Commercials Were Honest

Today, we're so used to seeing commercials for prescription medicines on TV that many forget that it was not that


Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Shoppers With Talking Food

Comedian Seth Rogen has literally made history with his new animated film Sausage Party. It is the first CGI cartoon


If Birth Control Commercials Were Honest

Commercials for pharmaceutical products are always funny. They can almost never actually say what the product is for, so they have


South Park 20th Anniversary Commercial

It's crazy that when South Park first debuted it was considered one of the worst things on television. Something that would