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How To Make An Alcohol Stove With A Beer Bottle Can

You know those Bud Lite beer bottles made from aluminum? The Crazy Russian Hacker has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make


How To Make Edible Ice Spheres

Want to truly shock and wow your upcoming holiday party guests this season? Just check out this new how-to video by


How To Make Ramen Bun Hamburger

Popular cooking channel Pop Sugar is enjoying an extra viral boost after debuting their Ramen Burger at Home video. The ramen burger


Epic Meal Time Featuring Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver

Now that gluttonous junk food favorite Epic Meal Time has climbed the YouTube ladder to the near top, the Canadian crew has


How To Make The Best British Chips

There is nothing worse than a soggy, mushy french fry. But when making fries at home, they rarely turn out


The Most Depressing Chili Cheese Video Recipe Ever

Steven Reed, the host of Weber Cooks, maybe the saddest 'cooking show' host ever. He has just gone viral with his


Hexaflexagon Flex Mex Recipe

After going viral with her enthralling hexaflexagon demonstration, Vihart has again started to trend parodying herself. After already revisiting the concept once


How To Properly Flip Food In A Pan

Chef Jon of Food Wishes has an extremely entertaining and enlightening video recipe channel with delicious recipes and helpful tips. His


Brewing Beer At The White House

You may have been hearing about a new classified leak from the Obama administration. The people heard Obama was holding


How To Separate Egg Yolk With Plastic Bottle

This video by Chinese do-it-yourselfers jifenzhongDIY went viral last week. The video shows the simple way to extract the egg yolk


Julia Child PBS Made Remix

Pbsdigitalstudios has been embracing the Internet and Internet culture with their past few remix videos in conjunction with remix master MelodySheep.


Chef Makes ‘Chick-Fil-Gay’ Sandwich To Protest Anti-Gay Stance Of The Chain

Chick-Fil-A is famous in the fast food world for two main reasons that are strongly related. The first is that