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Teens Migrating From Facebook To Comments Section Of Slow-Motion Deer Video

Studies show that more and more teenagers and young people are leaving Facebook, but where are they going? You may


Introducing CarTube, YouTube For Your Car Commercial

YouTube, the most popular video sharing site on the planet, can now be accessed from your computer, television, and mobile


Daria Movie Trailer

For those who missed it, Daria was the dark and cynical animated series on MTV that lasted from 97-2002 which


Long Island Landscapers Trailer

As a part of their #TVGoneWrong campaign, PBS channel THIRTEEN has debuted this trailer for the new faux-reality TV show Long Island Landscapers. 


Bluthfighter The Arrested Development Fighting Game

Last month, it seemed the buzz surrounding the return of a new season of Arrested Development on Netflix would never


Candy Crush The Movie Trailer

Hollywood made a movie about Facebook, so why not make a movie about a smartphone game. That's the premise behind


Willie Nelson’s The Hobbit 2 Audition Reel

American country music singer and songwriter Willie Nelson just turned 80 years old today. To celebrate, the famous herbal loving musician


Steven Spielberg’s “Obama” Parody Played At White House Correspondents Dinner 2013

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was just held this Saturday, hosted by none other than Coco Conan O'Brien. As


Goodnight Moon Horror Movie Trailer

It is difficult to find anyone who didn't read the classic children's book Goodnight Moon when they were kids. The movie


Shower Patch Kids Body Wash April Fool’s Commercial

Were you ever tricked by all those delicious and yummy looking soap and shampoo bottles as a kid? They look


Pokémon Snap: The Movie Trailer

Nostalgia nerds are loving this week old faux-trailer for Pokémon Snap: The Movie. Already, the fake trailer by GrittyReboots has over 475,000 views, and


MinusIQ Pill Makes You Stupid But Happy

Creative production company Sleepthinker just published this mock commercial for a new pharmaceutical product that will change the world.  The ad features a