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Next Level Dog Racing

Leave it to the dogs to race like there's no tomorrow, whether there's a little boy coming along or not.


IndyCar VisorCam

Indycar Series uploaded this interesting point of view ride with racer Graham Rahal. This already got over 600,000 views on


Little Rascals Recut As Furious 7

A classic kids movie redone in the style of a modern racing action flick? CineFix did mix up "Little Rascals"


Ken Block Drifts London With Matt LeBlanc

In this special director's cut from "Top Gear", drifting king Ken Block shows actor Matt LeBlanc, who is "Friends" with


First Time Go-kart Rider Doesn’t Know How To Break

Oh wow... Nikola Milicevic was filming the first time his girlfriend got to drive Go-karts with him. And he surely


Jimmy Fallon Battles Top NASCAR Drivers In Mario Kart 8

Yeah, yeah, Nascar - whatever. The real racer is only being identified in a round of "Mario Kart", everyone knows


Epic Drone Race At Night Is A Real Life Racing Video Game

It's truly amazing how much drones have advanced in just the past couple years. Already, many enthusiasts are starting drone


Fastest Formula 1 Pit Stop Will Blow Your Mind

Even though it may not seem obvious, racing is actually a team competition. The driver must depend on their pit crew


Drone Racing Battle With Liam Hemsworth And Jeff Goldblum

It was only a few years ago that quadrocopters were just toys for nerd. But now drones, as they've been


Lawn Mower Racing

Everyone loves racing go-karts. They are arguably more fun to drive than real cars. But racing with riding lawn mowers? That's


Mario Kart With 101 Different Video Game Characters

What made Super Mario Kart so exciting when it came out back in 1992 was that it allowed gamers to


Mario Kart In Real Life At The Mall

It's been done before, but who cares? It's still super cool and nerdy! With nothing to do one day, Base37 and his