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Body Language Explained

Dating is part of life that nearly everyone struggles with. But what many people don't realize is that body language


New York Police Defend Controversial Stop And Kiss Program

New York City's highly controversial Stop and Frisk program has been the source of much debate. But now, the Internet's


Onion Nature Show – Earth Has Unlimited Natural Gas

You may have been hearing a lot recently how we've discovered vast, vast amounts of cheap, clean natural gas that


Governor Christie And Mayor Booker: I Got This

Both Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mayor Cory Booker of Newark are very popular even though they are on


Vermin Supreme 2012 Crazy Dental Themed Presidential Speech In New Hampshire

Vermin Supreme is a political satirist and his latest 'speech' for the 2012 presidency in New Hampshire was a doozy. Besides for


Norway Club Song Rap About Female Anatomy

NSFW - Content Rap and club songs are usually about hitting the club, getting a few drinks, and picking up


Satirical Protester Supports Police Arresting People Who Feed The Homeless

Sometimes our laws just don't make sense, and common sense should be used instead of just blindly following what you