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Overstuffed Train Unloading

This train doesn't look that big, but it must be a clown train. People just don't stop pouring out of…

NYC Subway Love Train Claps For All New Passengers

Three people with a loud speaker on an almost empty train car announce that this car is the love train.…

Detroit Wasting 500 Million Dollars On Train System No One Needs

Detroit is shrinking and turning into a s--- hole. But the politicians want to spend $500,000,000 on a light rail…

Guy In Subway Station Runs, Jumps Into Train Doors

Just wait for it. This guy is talking to his friend on camera about whatever, when at the last moment…

Man Sleeping On NYC Subway Falls On Head As Train Stops

That's a rude awakening. Usually when napping on the subway, you kind of move with the train. But as the…

Crazy Asian Lady Screaming On Subway Train – ‘You Pregnant’

I really have no idea what this woman is screaming or what she wants. She may just be greatly disturbed,…


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