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The Walking Dead Dumb Ways To Die Parody

The viral Australian song Dumb Ways To Die continues to be parodied online. Sketch comedy artists Teddie Films is the latest to


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard 2012 Mayan End Of The World Speech

As the end of 2012 nears, more and more jokes, gags, and parodies are popping up online concerning the Mayan-calender-end-of-the-world


Zombie Drive-Thru Prank

Now that Halloween us upon, all the professional YouTube pranksters have an extra reason to prank the public. Ed Bassmaster is one


Diagnosing A Zombie TED Animation

TED Education invited Tim Verstynen and Brad Voytek to be apart of these Halloween appropriate animationsn, drawn by Franz Palomares. They offer an intriguing medical perspective


Zombie Walk 2012

WOKlTOKl brings this viral video just in time for Halloween featuring the Zombie Walk 2012. Over 12,000 people in Chile joined


Zombies Scare New Yorkers

As a clever viral marketing scheme, AMC has started a Put Zombies Back ad campaign after Dish Network dropped them and, vicariously, their


Attacking Zombie Prank In Australia

Zombies have been very prevalent in pop culture recently, and that has only intensified after the notorious real life 'zombie' who ate


Attacking Zombie Prank In Miami

Floridians are still nervous after a delirious man literally ate the face off another in Miami. Now wanting to miss out


Real Anti-Zombie AK-47 With Chainsaw

The Internet has a lot of strange and weird obsessions, and one of those is the 'impending' zombie apocalypse. Not wanting


FedEx Zombie Commercial

I'll be honest. This commercial is so weird, yet so well done, I'm really not sure if it's an official


University Of Lincoln Fake Zombie Commercial

You've seen them before. Those cheesy, feel good commercials for a local college. A quote from a girl loving the