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The Story Of The Homeless Coder

The homeless coder has made headlines on countless publications and has appeared on TV.  Mashable found the charitable 23-year-old programmer Patrick McConologue


Learn What Most Schools Don’t Teach, Hour Of Code Commercial

For some horrible reason, our schools don't teach computer science. Students and even adults are left assuming CS is some


King Of The Hill 3D Intro

A few months ago, hotdiggedydemon set out to learn 3D animation using the Maya software. His personal mission was to recreate


Digital Carjackers Demonstrate New Attacks

Stealing a car used to require special hardware, tools, and brawn. Not anymore. Today, nearly all cars are run entirely


Nerd Modifies Nerf Vulcan Gun Into Fully Automatic Sentry Gun

In this nerd-tastic viral video, YouTuber BrittLiv demonstrates her specially Nerf Vulcan gun modified into a fully automatic sentry cannon. Not only


Teen Programmer’s Computer Animated Video Portfolio

Jared Counts has been saving his computer programs since he was only a 13 year in 2008. Since then, his algorithms


Amish IT Guy At The Office

Some people say political correctness has gone too far. As a hilarious demonstration of just how far political correctness has


The Minuum Keyboard Project To Make A Smart Keyboard For Smartphones

The smartphone has truly changed the world. But there's one function that is holding everything back. The keyboard. It's based


Augmented Reality Snooker With Projected Path Light

Snooker and pool games are so much easier when played in video game format than in real life. With the


What Most Schools Don’t Teach Inspiring Computer Science Short Film

CodeOrg is a nonprofit focused on getting more people, especially young, bright minds, into computer programming today. Their mantra is simple:


Cat Hits Open DVD Drive To Close It

This video was posted online last week by  and already is has accumulated over a quarter million views. A cat


Child Of The 90’s Nostalgic Internet Explorer Commercial

Microsoft has been going through some serious changes over the past year. Their new Windows 8, tile interface operating system