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PaperTab Is A Real Paper-Like Tablet Computer Commercial

Computer science laboratory Human Media Lab has quickly gone viral with their commercial for PaperTab, which has been featured on Mashable, InfoWeek,


14 Year Old Prodigy Computer Programmer Santiago Gonzalez Dreams In Code

Santiago Gonzalez is not your average teenager. For one thing, he's in college, set to graduate at the tender age


Old Technology Performs We Are Young By Fun

Remember when retro-techy BD594 went viralviral with their Somebody That I Used To Know cover using old computer technology? Now, that parody video


Changing The Tempo Of Call Me Maybe With Your Heartbeat

Music Hack Day at MIT is an international 24-hour event where musical nerds of all kinds collaborate to change the music world


Surface VS iPad Commercial Parody

Cinesaurus and Laugh Pong teamed up to post this humorous spoof of a cliche Apple iPad commercial that already has over 700,000 views. 


Ghostbusters Theme Song Covered On Floppy Drives

Popular and very quirky MrSolidSnake745 channel is back with another famous music number covered using old computer floppy drives.  Some music just fits


Microsoft Surface Freezes During Opening Presentation

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft


Microsoft Introduces New Surface Tablet

For years now, Apple has dominated the tech and geek world with their best selling iPad tablet. eReaders, like the


Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Epic Rap Battles

Epic Rap Battles Of History is back with the latest duel between two of modern computing's greatest. Steve Jobs and Bill


How A Hard Drive Works In Slow Motion

Every computer in the world has a hard drive, but how exactly does it work? You may be surprised to learn


YouTube’s 7th Birthday

What can we say? Youtube is apart of our everyday lives, and even with the new terrible homepage, we still


Leap Computer Interface System Sets To Replace The Mouse

The mouse has been around for decades since computers became more mainstream in the 70's. Since then, there have been